Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Progress Report from a Parent

Hello Ms.Callie,

First, thank you so much for your wisdom and the great work you do with
the blog and your fantastic email notices. I sing your praises all the
time for without all that you do, I would absolutely be lost because
of all the information there is to gather.

We're doing OK with the graduation stuff. We'll be taking the ACT again
on April 14 -- the morning after the Ridgeway High Prom! Now ain't
that a killer!!!?? anyway, he said he would be ready. We've received
acceptance letters to Tennessee State and Fisk. I believe he is leaning
toward Tennessee State as our family has a long history with TSU with my
older brother and sister going there in the early 60s, and my two nephews
graduated there in the 90s and in 2005; and a whole bunch of cousins
from the 60s through current students are TSU-ites.

We're applying for all sorts of scholarships including the Delta Sigma
Theta. He has an interview with DST next week; the Robert Church
scholarship; the Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship; and about 3 scholarships
from my local church, the national AME Church and two Missionary
Societies in the church that award kids who have been active in the church
--and James has been that. So, we're working on getting money, but the
Lord will provide.

James is working at Kroger where he went through the Kroger YouthWorks
program last summer.

Now, about the younger son, John-William, we're applying for the TSU
MITE program and also doing volunteer work at the Children's Museum and
the Civil Rights Museum. We're going through Open Enrollment with MCS to
get J-W back into the city schools so he can have some extracirrucular
activities. We're trying for Ridgeway or Whitehaven. He's coming along
though and we're going to start a few ACT help classes with him like we
did early with James.

And, is seems there was something else that I'm doing based on what I
saw on the blog, but my old mind can't think of it now. But, girl, I
really go through that diligently and put my boys into all sorts of

I like to keep you updated on our progress and to send you a word of

Take care and be blessed,

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