Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It is Never Too Late

I wanted to send out a note to the "Current graduating class" and past classes or anyone that need to know that it is never too late to go for your goal(s) in life. Many times we have our eyes toward getting the students graduated, but not looking beyond at those who felt that they can't go to college or get a decent job, or those who didn't make the requirements to graduate, but just dropped out.

I am told that life doesn't end after high school graduation, but it is the beginning of you starting your future to adulthood. Question: If we are given 3 scores and 10 years, what happens to the other 52 years after high school graduation? High schools students only use up less than one third of the years at graduation, but we acted as if it is completely over for that student or child that didn't graduate or who didn't decide to go to college until after graduation.

We must wake up and stop making the students that didn't go to college feel hopeless. Many times we may fall down, but we can still get back up and go for our dreams in life. Just because a student may have been a slow performer in high school doesn't mean he can't make it in life. There are many variables that may have allowed the student not to perform his or her best, but having a less than 2.0 GPA doesn't mean he or she doesn't have the ability to do something meaningful with his or her life.

Guys, as you read my thoughts today, I was driven to write this particular note because God was continually bringing to my attention parents, students and friends that wanted to help save these particular child(ren)/students. Some of them were very afraid that they wouldn't be able to make it in life, but it seemed (but they didn't say) that they too were feeling that the child or student current circumstances dictated that their life choices would be very slim, limited or maybe none.

I say "hog wash" because you control your destiny and must believe in you even when "Man may say "NO!"; you must say "YES!"". Life doesn't end because you make a mistake, but rather when you learn and do better from it, it manifests.

When I hear the cries from parents and students throughout the country, I too say "Yes You Can" and "Keep Hope Alive". We must began embracing these students and letting them know that they too have a future, if they really want it. It is ironic when I think about it because, as we go through life that these students will become many of our "Traditional College Students" because no one told them it was alright to go ahead and try to attend college and if it meant that they should take remedial or pre-courses that is okay. Many of these students believe this is a sign of being dumb when you take pre-courses. But I say remedial courses makes them stronger students so that they can be successful in their career choices.

Some of these students will go to college or trade-school because the welfare system will have it as one of the requirements to attend college, but still they didn't know they still had a choice to go without being forced.

I ask that we gain true knowledge and let the students and parents know that it is not too late and that they should seek an answer and not assume that life is over at 18 years old.

If all of us took the time to learn the true meaning of Community Service, what an awesome world we would live in. Community Service doesn't have a face or color, but rather it goes out to help his fellowman and doesn't wonder if that person may succeed him or her in life, but rather will still help in making the world a better place.

Below is a link that I wrote on Community Service and an essay that my daughter, Molisa wrote on her vision of how she would like to contribute her life to helping others.

As I come to a close, I ask that you take the time to help those that are lost and in search of life happiness. They too can keep their heads up and know that "life challenges goes to the man who thinks he or she can." They must also have faith and trust in knowing that their dreams will manifest.

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Anonymous said...

My son has a chronic illness. During his second semester of college he became progressively more ill and ended up dropping out midsemester. He lost his scholarships and we had to pay back part of his financial aid. Meanwhile, it has taken almost a year for him to get anywhere near normal levels of health and energy again. Now, he is lacking funds to return to school, buy books, etc. Working might be an option, but I really believe he needs to return to school even on a part time basis just to rebuild his confidence and stamina. He struggles to believe in himself or have hope for his future. We cannot find ANY help available for a young man like him. His illness is not one that is a "pet illness" for which people get extra attention, help or scholarships, though it is quite common. As his parents, we both grieve for him and do all we can to encourage him. It is SO difficult. I remember a similar setback when I was near his age. Why is our system set up to discourage young people from having a second chance? Lord, have mercy on the young adults. Everyone expects them to just SUCCEED automatically. If illness, growing pains or any other barrier gets in their way, our society just throws them away. Instead of helping them become strong, healthy individuals who can use their gifts to enrich the community, we give them up for dead and wonder why they stumble through the next 50 years. Father, God... PLEASE have mercy on our young adult children.