Sunday, February 12, 2006


Preparing for college is a major task. Many times we go in search of but, without guidance or knowledge we sometimes begin the road too late or we don’t know which direction to go. I have prepared an overview on college preparation. The most crucial period for this preparation is from the 9th to 12th grade. It is during this period that a student’s overall GPA is created. The GPA determines the student class rank. Also it is while in this phase of the student’s life that he/she may start building up his/her volunteer hours. These hours are used to determine the student’s community service involvement. These and other factors determine the student’s college readiness and if he/she will be able to obtain entrance or scholarships to attend a University or College of his or her choice.

With this in mind, I decided to create a college preparation packet for parents and students to use as a guide to assist them in preparing for college and obtaining various college opportunities. This information was gathered over the years from me preparing my oldest son and daughter for college. I used various sources and individuals to gain this information. It didn’t happen overnight, but through my determination to know, it was received openly.

I feel very blessed in that many individuals have assisted me on this road and I have followed many paths to get here. I also developed this packet because I wanted to make the path for obtaining knowledge on how to prepare for college easy for any child or parent seeking answers. I also wanted to make sure that this information is shared with whomever wants to use it and help students anywhere get the information needed to prepare properly.

I ask that you share this information with others as I share with you. We must realize that we grow when all of us grow. So let us remember that in order for us to make it, it will take a village. I do know and believe that knowledge is power and that we must continue to be our brother keepers and spread the word as far as we can.

Now I am ready to take you on the guide to college preparation success. Please note this guide is not used to say that you will get the college or scholarship(s) of your choice, but rather a way to help you be successful in your endeavor. Always remember to trust God completely and then go for your dreams or destiny. You can achieve whatever you want if you believe and have faith in yourself that God will see you through.


Callie Herd


DCS said...

Your blog is a great resource! Thank you. It would be interesting to know more about your background.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Atlanta!!! Thanks for taking the time and giving us this great resource. I did share this with many of my family and friends since we met you here. Keep up the great work. Stage Mom#1

Anonymous said...

I am a youth and i am very interested in this program. I have so many ideas and goals . Going to college is one