Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Preparing for the ACT/SAT Exams

I am often reminded of the students that I and others have assisted or guided in workshops or through advice. Some of the students that stand out are those students that didn’t have a mentor, had low self-esteem or didn’t think that they could pass the exam or could even attend college.

I am especially pleased with Julian’s story. A student that wanted to attend college, but didn’t believe he could. At the time, Julian had just graduated with the “Class of 2008”, but during August of 2008, he had never applied for college or taken the ACT. But in my meeting with him, I felt he had a fire and desire to want to achieve and had the ability to do so. I advise him how to prepare for the ACT and to utilize the links on my blog, Planning and Preparing for College (Scholarships, Internships, Etc) located at http://www.ctherd.blogspot.com/ . He took the advice and took the ACT exam and scored a 21 on his first try which allowed him to be eligible for the TN Lottery and get assistance to attend college.

The reason the workshops were successful is because it taught students’ methods, techniques and to utilize practice exams to build up their test skills and speed. In the end, knowledge is powerful, if used properly.

Below are two technique documents (Math and Science) to be used as tips along with suggested websites to practice the ACT/SAT with:

Tips for Math and Science:

Math Problems

Scientific Methods

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Below are the next scheduled ACT and SAT dates:


Test Date: October 27, 2012
Registration Deadline: September 21, 2012
Late Registration Deadline: September 22 – October 5, 2012

Test Date: December 8, 2012
Registration Deadline: November 2, 2012
Late Registration Deadline: November 3 – 16, 2012

Test Date: February 9, 2013*
Registration DeadlineJanuary 11, 2013
Late Registration Deadline: January 12 – 18, 2013

Test Date: April 13, 2013
Registration Deadline: March 8, 2013
Late Registration Deadline: March 9 – 22, 2013

Test Date: June 8, 2013
Registration Deadline: May 3, 2013
Late Registration Deadline: May 4 – 17, 2013

*No test centers are scheduled in New York for the February test date.

visit http://www.actstudent.org/regist/dates.html for additional registration dates.


Test Date: October 6, 2012
Registration Deadline: September 7, 2012
Late Registration Deadline:  September 21, 2012

Test Date: November 3, 2012
Registration Deadline: October 4, 2010
Late Registration Date: October 19, 2012

Test Date:  December 1, 2010
Registration Deadline: November 1, 2012
Late Registration Date:  November 16, 2012

visit http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/sat/calenfees.html for additional registration dates.

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