Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ACT Workshop -- What a Difference It Can Make!

     I just wanted to drop a note about this project and thank the instructors, my pastor and church, potential sponsors, especially the owners of “Hot Wings Express”, and those who wanted to help and couldn't to explain why this project and these instructors are “something you should grab at and know that it is not by accident, but rather design”.

     There is a strong cry to find out how can we help our children/students to become successful and productive regardless of what profession or career they decide to do. One of the biggest factors that force the students not to learn is that many students do not know how to utilize their critical thinking skills and understanding the power of technology. The students use it more for “entertainment” rather than “edutainment”. Edutainment is blending both education and amusement together.

     The goal of any workshop should be to have positive results for the audience that it is trying to assist. We have committed and serious instructors that want to be that change that help students to achieve to their potential and not look at their current circumstances to decide on their life goals or careers. We know that the workshop is going to work and we know that we are going to get serious and committed students, sponsors and an awesome location to have the workshops in.

     Many of you are looking at the fee of $10-$20 per session as being a lot or too much and can’t image paying such a fee. But when you look at the background of the instructors and the level of experience and the journey they will take you on, you probably could add 4-6 more zeros behind it and still not pay enough. I am told that sometimes opportunity cost, but you have to know when to go for the cost. “I say it is now!”

     I want 6 to 8 weeks of workshop time because we must allow for all functions of brain to work to its fullest potential. We will be imparting information in the sensory register. The sensory register is where perception or detection is stored. This allows a person to be able to recognize and assign meaning to what he or she perceives. Then we will be moving into the students’ short-term memory. Short-term memory (STM) is called working memory. STM is selective attention that establishes what information will move from the sensory memory to short-term memory. STM is similar to a computer RAM or Random Access Memory. STM is a holding place for short computation that will eventually be transferred to memory or be discarded. Then we finally get to long-term memory. Long-term memory is permanent memory. Long-term memory can be held for a longer period of time. The memory being stored in long-term memory can also be stored for the rest of a person’s life. And just think if the students can accomplish all of this in 6-8 weeks; how awesome they would be when they take their exams. The students will also relate the information as being something to take pride in and know that it will help them to receive scholarships and acceptances to various colleges and universities.

     So, in closing I ask that you consider this opportunity and that you share it with others. We must challenge and believe in ourselves and look beyond our circumstances and strive to be the best we can. We should “achieve” because “we believe” and know that “Faith” and “Works”, will allow us to “accomplish” beyond our means. You control your destiny, why not choose knowledge. If you are able to help a student financially to attend the workshops, “do so". The best is yet to come.

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